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Notice that there are some people who can’t seem to get that big break no matter what they do while there are others whom success comes to pretty easily? Well, we can all argue that life in itself is unfair and that maybe these two groups of people come from different circumstances.

However, a closer look at these people will show you that there is something that separates them — mindset. To be specific, abundance mindset vs scarcity mindset.

You see, there is a big difference between those who think negative thoughts every day compared to those who think positive…

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The world hasn’t stopped being busy. It went along with the quick progression of civilization and technology. People have been actively increasing their productivity. At the same time, they get stressed, frustrated, and confused by all the chaos.

You may be one of those people. Day by day, you insert yourself into this rat race. You put more on your plate, bite off more than you can chew, and get in way over your head. Then one day, you wake up burdened, wondering how to stop feeling overwhelmed.

We know that you want to regain control over your mind to…

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We all get lazy and laziness is not a bad thing. However, if it lasts for too long, it is a bad thing.

There are 10 major causes of laziness. Below are the causes of laziness.

1- Procrastination

Whenever you have something to do that seems very simple, you just postpone it because you keep telling yourself that this can be ended anytime during the day or even later. The more you procrastinate, the lazier you will be.

2- Distraction

When working on something, does your mind wander over to other unrelated things? If yes, this means that you are being distracted. The more…

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I used to hate the word “Workout” as I really hated everything related to the physical body. Don’t ask me why, I just hated it.

When my friends and family tell me that I should workout or lose weight, I used to change the topic or tell them that we only live once, and I am enjoying my life. However, when the pandemic started, everybody was saying that working out is important for a better immune system. Therefore, I decided that it is time to do some home exercises. Also, I thought that staying at home might make a person…

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Before the pandemic, I used to live a normal life, which is waking up, going to work, coming from work, watching TV shows, and going to bed. For that, there were things that I was never doing or always delaying.

I can surely tell you that COVID-19 has changed my life. This is because I started to do things that I didn’t even think that one day I will do them. Also, I didn’t have the time to do them, or at least this was my excuse.

These are the 3 major things that changed my life.

1- Workout

I never loved…

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I graduated from Washington State University (WSU) in May 2019 with a B.S in Chemical Engineering. I really put all the efforts into my classes and there were semesters that I really struggled and there were easier ones.

Studying Chemical Engineering wasn’t easy, but I did enjoy every moment of it. In university, we took classes that are all based on theory, few labs to see things in action, and then implement them in the final design project. That’s it, we then graduated.

I started working in July 2019 as a Process Engineer trainee, so I have completed more than…

Technology is being updated daily and we can never catch up to know or see what is going on everyday … What do you think? Can we?

Either you love technology or not, I think everybody SHOULD be updated with the latest trends as this does help and will do a lot of difference into your lives. Yes, technology might not be important to know; however, it will eventually be valuable and beneficial to everyone no matter what industry you care about or you are at.

Why do you need to stay updated with the last technology trends?

I assume you are working somewhere either it is in McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Shell…

Learning languages is one of the most difficult and enjoyable thing to do, at least for me! Let me tell you why learning languages is important and how will this make you feel smarter, cooler, and more open minded person.

I can assume most of us nowadays can speak at least two languages. How do you feel? Smart? Genius? Or nothing? What if you could speak three, four, five, or even six languages? You will probably feel like you are a dictionary or a translator. Therefore, there are tons of benefits from just learning languages. …

To become successful nowadays, you need to determine what is required from you and you should put in mind that it’s not going to be easy.

1- Listen A LOT

Either you are a student, an employee, or an entrepreneur, you have to listen a lot to become successful. This is because listening helps you to absorb knowledge and critically think about how others think. Listening every and each individual will help to analyze the person or people in front of you and this will help you to become successful. …

We all have been very busy during our normal days. We visit families and friends, hangout with them, and even spend time relaxing. During our normal days when we work for 8 hours a day, we always wanted to do something else during that time and feel more productive not just at our workplace …. But in and for our own lives.

This pandemic could be explained and seen as an opportunity that we might never even have this opportunity again because it lasts …. long …. longer than expected!!!!

You probably have always wanted to learn how to cook…

Abdulla Alishaq

A Chemical Engineer from Qatar. Interested in Engineering, Technology and Personal Development & Growth. Willing to inspire the world!

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