Abundance Mindset vs. Scarcity Mindset

Abdulla Alishaq
3 min readApr 5, 2021


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Notice that there are some people who can’t seem to get that big break no matter what they do while there are others whom success comes to pretty easily? Well, we can all argue that life in itself is unfair and that maybe these two groups of people come from different circumstances.

However, a closer look at these people will show you that there is something that separates them — mindset. To be specific, abundance mindset vs scarcity mindset.

You see, there is a big difference between those who think negative thoughts every day compared to those who think positive thoughts. If you only think of the scarcity that you have in your life, you will never have abundance. Why? Simply because you are already conditioning your brain that you will not receive abundance. When that happens, your actions will unconsciously follow. But if you practice an abundance mentality, you will condition your brain to receive more blessings.

So what should you do? Simply put, you should learn how to overcome the scarcity mindset. I’ll give you some tips on how to do that:

Tip 1: Appreciate What You Have

One of the most toxic traits of people with a scarcity mindset psychology is that they never appreciate what they have. Everything is never enough for them. They will always complain when they cannot get their way. At the same time, they are not willing to put the effort to work for it. So the first step to getting yourself out of that rut is to simply make sure you appreciate whatever you have at the moment. No matter how small it is, appreciate even the little things.

Tip 2: Be Hungry and Work for It

Now, you may be asking me how I can get abundance if I am already content with what I have. Well, there’s a difference between being content and complacent. If you are content, it means you appreciate everything that you have. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t want more. After all, you only live one life, so you should enjoy as much of it as you can. But you have to put into your head that if you want something, you need to be ready to work for it and get it. That’s one of the main differences between people that have an abundance mentality vs scarcity mentality. In other words, you cannot stop being hungry and you should be willing to pay the price..

Tip 3: Create Your Goals

One of the most effective abundance mindset exercises is to know how to create and set goals. You need to map out all of your goals in order to get whatever you want. After all, abundance comes to those who plan out and take action. So the first thing that you need to do is create short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Make sure that you give yourself a deadline as to when you’ll accomplish those goals. Once you have mapped out your goals, you need to think of the “hows”. These are the steps on how you’ll accomplish each goal.

Of course, you need to map out all of the specific ways to implement those goals. You should be as specific as possible. Do not make general goals and general steps as this will only produce vague results. With specific goals and steps, you’ll be able to make realistic objectives that you yourself will know you can obtain.


Most people actually take their mindset and psychology for granted. They usually think that the circumstance they are in is what defines their lives. However, they are not aware of how important mindset is. In fact, I can even say that the mindset is what will separate the successful from the unsuccessful. Those who know what they want and how to get it will go far in their journey. So make sure that you know the difference between the abundance mindset vs scarcity mindset, so you can finetune your mind and attract the abundance you deserve.

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