Working Out Every Morning is Changing My Life

Abdulla Alishaq
4 min readFeb 12, 2021


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I used to hate the word “Workout” as I really hated everything related to the physical body. Don’t ask me why, I just hated it.

When my friends and family tell me that I should workout or lose weight, I used to change the topic or tell them that we only live once, and I am enjoying my life. However, when the pandemic started, everybody was saying that working out is important for a better immune system. Therefore, I decided that it is time to do some home exercises. Also, I thought that staying at home might make a person either fatter or thinner. I wanted to be thinner to be healthier and to strengthen my immune system. For that, I have been working daily since March 2020. I was doing that every morning and this has changed my life.

Working out in the morning has so far changed these 5 things in my life.

1- Body

Just working out daily the morning has changed my shape drastically. I haven’t thought once that I will really lose weight or fat because I LOVED eating and HATED working out. This is because I always feel lazy, I always want to eat, I just didn’t want to move. After losing weight, my body is now always active and never lazy. My body feels energized and powerful in a way that it can be capable of doing things that I couldn’t even imagine.

Therefore, losing weight made me an energized person, which very important to me as this helped me in many aspects of my life. When you feel active, you work better, you sleep better, you study better, and you live better. For that, this is a huge change for me.

2- Mood

I have been always told in the past that when I workout, I will feel better, I will feel happier, etc. However, for some reason, I didn’t want to believe that because it didn’t make sense to me. After experiencing that on my own, I have noticed that I really started to feel better about myself and I am happier now. I rarely feel sad or bad. This is because working out reduces stress, and you have no stress you eventually feel better and happier. I am really grateful for working out.

3- Thinking

As we all know that healthy body equals a healthy mind. Therefore, the more you workout to keep your body healthy, the better your mind or brain will start to function. After losing weight, around 20 kg, my thinking and mindset all started to change. Yes, you surely do have a smart brain, but when you workout you will even feel smarter and gain the thinking that will start to move for your own benefits. Therefore, I can tell that I can make wiser decisions and even more as my thinking started to change. This doesn’t come from having a fit body, but it comes from eating healthy food. For that, diet food is the key to stay smarter and wiser to enhance your thinking in life.

4- Productivity

Having the achievement of working out in the day gives the feeling of being productive. I usually used to think that working out is a time-waster, but I discovered it is not. When I workout, I get to finish things faster and this is helping me a lot. Therefore, I choose to workout in the morning because when I finish my daily workouts I have my entire day to do other things. Surprisingly, I am able to finish things sooner than I usually do. I believe this is because of the energy I get after completing my workout and have good shower. Therefore, this is surely boosting my productivity.

5- Confidence

I will be honest in here that I am not a type of a confident person. I can tell that maybe because I am a shy type of person, who always hesitates to do many things. After working out, I have noticed that this attitude is slowly going away without even thinking about it. The fitter you are, the more confident you will be, no matter what. Confidence is not because of the body only, it is all based on mindset. Therefore, working out daily always brings that negative mindset out of your brain and you gain the positive mindset, which makes you always happy and positive. For that, your confidence level boosts up amazingly.

Yes, working out or dedicating to workout is not easy, but if you think about it deeply, you will notice that everything is tough and scary in the beginning. Therefore, it will get easy as you go on and do it consistently. Once you see the results, you will thank yourself and feel grateful as I now am grateful for the workout I did and keep doing every day. Things will get easy as you progress, so it is all on you now, since I did it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!



Abdulla Alishaq

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