The Positive Side of COVID-19

Abdulla Alishaq
4 min readJul 3, 2020

We all have been very busy during our normal days. We visit families and friends, hangout with them, and even spend time relaxing. During our normal days when we work for 8 hours a day, we always wanted to do something else during that time and feel more productive not just at our workplace …. But in and for our own lives.

This pandemic could be explained and seen as an opportunity that we might never even have this opportunity again because it lasts …. long …. longer than expected!!!!

You probably have always wanted to learn how to cook, write a book, start a creative business, learn a new language, or even just read 100s of books without being annoyed or interrupted. The virus brought this opportunity to you, me, and all of us. WE MIGHT NEVER HAVE THIS CHANCE AGAIN ….

Let me tell you how this virus have changed my life dramatically!

I used to never workout or go to the gym … However, when they (World Health Organization) started to say that to stay safe … you need a strong immune system. Therefore, I said to myself why shouldn’t I just search for some videos on YouTube and start working out. I went and searched for a good program that is a YouTuber called Chloe Ting, and that lady changed my life. I started doing some elliptical at home, and jumping rope. Within the period of 3–4 months, I lost 14 kg. I am almost fit, which makes me feel more confident. THIS IS A THING I WOULD PROBABLY NEVER DO IF LIFE WAS/IS NORMAL ….

Besides that, I started a diet that I couldn’t even imagine I would stick into it because I LOVE FOOD as WE ALL DO …. This diet mainly focused on not having dinner, just healthy little things, and I cut sugar …. It has been now over 1 month now without sugar.

I always have the passion of learning languages, I personally speak THREE languages fluently, which are Arabic (Mother language), English, and Turkish. I used to dream a year ago that I want to be a polyglot (Being able to speak 4 languages and more). My aim is to speak 6 languages.

During this period, my Italian has improved significantly. I went from knowing nothing …. to knowing how to read and a little bit of talking. I am still a very beginner, but small steps do count afterwards. YES, this all needs time and patience. Staying at home provided these two for me. I started to think in a different way now because of the Italian language. As you probably know, speaking another language opens a new world into your head and brain …. You start thinking like the people who speaks your target language. This as well boosted my confidence level.


I always believe that a human being would feel better when he or she learns something new. Being in the house doesn’t mean that we should stop learning. As we are expected that life will hopefully get better than what it was. Therefore, I have never stopped learning since I am a new graduate who has been working for a year now, by the time I am writing this. Learning is POWER …. A SUPER POWER.

I continuously took courses to upgrade myself, my BRAIN. Because when things get back to normal, I know I have become better. Nowadays we should be grateful for what we have …. INTERNET. Without the internet, I don’t know how would we feel. We have full of content, information, and knowledge out there and anyone who has a smartphone or a laptop could easily search for online courses. These can be from LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera and much more.

If you are reading this and got nothing to do …. No hobbies and no passion …. Then just search for courses that you think will help your Resume/CV when it comes to get a job or to changing your job to a better one …. The one you have dreamed for.


To sum up, always spend your time on something that will help you in the future because in this world, you need to be upgraded to get better chances. Before anything else, put in your mind that you are doing the thing because YOU LOVE DOING IT. This shouldn’t be for anyone, just for you.

Therefore, during this COVID-19 crisis …. UPGRADE YOURSELF …. This can be any kind of becoming better. Anything that you think you lack, and with that thing …. You will feel better.




Abdulla Alishaq

A Chemical Engineer from Qatar. Interested in Engineering, Technology and Personal Development & Growth. Willing to inspire the world!