Major Causes Of Laziness & How To Overcome Laziness

Abdulla Alishaq
4 min readMar 27, 2021


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We all get lazy and laziness is not a bad thing. However, if it lasts for too long, it is a bad thing.

There are 10 major causes of laziness. Below are the causes of laziness.

1- Procrastination

Whenever you have something to do that seems very simple, you just postpone it because you keep telling yourself that this can be ended anytime during the day or even later. The more you procrastinate, the lazier you will be.

2- Distraction

When working on something, does your mind wander over to other unrelated things? If yes, this means that you are being distracted. The more you get distracted the less likely you are to complete the task. This is surely a cause of laziness.

3- Exhaustion

Sometimes we work too hard and this exhausts us a lot by the time we got home. For that, we just feel like not doing anything for a few days and in fact, do things that are non-important such as playing videos and more. This leads us to leave the important things undone.

4- Poor Nutrition

Not having a balanced diet could ruin the functionality of the body and brain. For that, feeling weak or not having some type of food by having a specific thing more than others could prevent you from getting things done and this will cause laziness.

5- Lack of Motivation

When there is no motivation the laziness will come. Motivation fuels you up to whatever needs to be done in good time. Therefore, if you are not motivated, you will always feel lazy.

6- Lack of Confidence

Sometimes confidence does take place in terms of laziness. This is because if you have a lack of confidence that means you don’t believe in yourself and when you don’t believe in yourself you will just ignore doing things anywhere and anything in your life. This thing will cause laziness and end up doing nothing.

7- Irresponsibility

Another cause of laziness is irresponsibility. Being irresponsible makes you feel lazy. For example, when you hire or pay another person to do the tasks for you that you can do, but you don’t want to do triggers you to be lazy.

8- Too Much To Do

I am sure that we always feel when there are too many things to do it is hard to focus on one thing. For that, we end up not doing anything due to being overwhelmed and stressed, which leads to laziness.

9- Not Taking Decisions

Not taking decisions could make you lazy as you will keep thinking during the whole day either you should do this or that and maybe end up without doing anything. Therefore, this is can lead to indecision or laziness as you spend your day just by thinking without coming up with a decision.

10- Poor Planning

Not planning your day will not let you start your day correctly. Therefore, when you do not know how to start your day effectively, you most likely feel lazy to proceed. For that, poor planning could cause laziness.

Now, how to overcome laziness?

There are 5 major ways to easily overcome laziness.

1- Improve Your Physical Energy

I personally think that one of the best things I started to do in my life is working out daily because this not just makes me feel fit and healthy, but it overcomes my laziness by boosting up my energy. Try to keep workout is a must thing to do in your daily routine.

2- Improve Your Mental Energy

To improve mentally all you have to do is to ensure having a good amount of sleep between 7–8 hours, eating healthy, drinking enough water, and thinking positively. If something unexpected or bad happens, always tell yourself that this happened for a reason.

3- Set Your Goals

Normally when a person has no goal it will be difficult to approach with full of energy. Therefore, be sure to know what are your goals and dreams and this can be asking yourself questions such as do you really need to do this? Where do you want to see yourself after a year from now? Do you want to be a different person after a month? The questions list keeps expanding according to your personal life.

4- Find Your “Why”

If you know or find why you are doing this you will be very motivated. For example, let’s say you want to workout, but you feel lazy. You can tell yourself that you want to workout to lose weight and be fit and stay healthy. You have to study, but feel like you don’t want to. However, your why could be that you have to study to graduate and start depending on yourself to help your family, and so on. Always ask yourself, why am I doing this? Or why do I need to do this?

5- Start Now

When you feel like there is something you want to do now, start now immediately because the motivation can come for a second and then can disappear within 2 to 3 seconds, so you have to take action immediately. If this somehow motivated you, take a piece of paper or a journal book and write down the things that you need to do or work on as soon as possible.



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