I Started To Read Fiction Books — And It Changed My Life

Abdulla Alishaq
2 min readFeb 18, 2022


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Reading books is always one of the things I wanted to do as I noticed I do really enjoy reading. However, I thought that I only love to read to learn and not to entertain myself.

Until after I decided to read fiction books after knowing how it changes or improves our brain in general. Reading fiction books could be hard to follow or to catch up with the whole story; however, it really expands your imagination and each reader interprets the story based on his/her imagination, which is incredibly amazing.

You can always ask your friends or people have they read this book; they could say yes and you could then ask them what do they think about it. I don’t intend to ask anyone what is the book about because everybody could understand it in a different way.

Reading fiction books has improved three things in my life.

1- Strengthened my imagination

As I said above we keep imagination the story and analyze the other part of the world of what the writer is trying to say, what are the characters living, why they have this life, and etc. to understand as much as possible. Imagination is a part of a process of questioning yourself about the book itself and doing this daily or normally will surely expand your brain.

2- Supported my creativity

I didn’t expect that this will help me in my real life, but it actually did. When I face kind of a problem at workplace, home, or wherever I am; I just remember something from the book and try to implement the same way in an indirect way. As such this helps me to be more creative. Also, when it comes to reading, I tend to stop at lines and say “WOW THIS IS COOL,” which is kind of a thing that will let me keep thinking about for a very long time. Thus, reading fiction books will let you visualize and imagine others’ lives, which will help in creativity.

3- Helped me in focusing

Sometimes we read just to finish, but reading a fiction book is really to dive into the book and to feel like you are inside the world of the characters, which is insane because you have to focus to feel that. In fact, focusing isn’t something tough to improve, all you have to do is to read without disturbing in a quiet place or environment. Doing that continuously, you will be able to focus easy even in a disturbed environment, which is surprisingly amazing.

In a nutshell, reading fiction books has a huge impact to human brain without even putting the effort into it. All you have to do is to read to enjoy and feel like your entering into another world.



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