How To Stay Updated With The Latest Technology Trends

Abdulla Alishaq
6 min readJul 18, 2020

Technology is being updated daily and we can never catch up to know or see what is going on everyday … What do you think? Can we?

Either you love technology or not, I think everybody SHOULD be updated with the latest trends as this does help and will do a lot of difference into your lives. Yes, technology might not be important to know; however, it will eventually be valuable and beneficial to everyone no matter what industry you care about or you are at.

Why do you need to stay updated with the last technology trends?

I assume you are working somewhere either it is in McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Shell, Boeing, or Army. No matter where you work, you need to know about what is going on and how life is evolving that will make difference to you. You might be asking … Why? … Well staying updated helps you in your career, social life, and even brain. People love talking about anything and you can notice that probably a few percentage of the talk is about what is going in this technology world. Technology is contributed in all kinds of industry and when you learn to know the latest of the tech trends, you will be way ahead of the people either your organization, friends, or family. This means you will have many things to talk about, your brain will be more active, and you will even be much smarter than you could think because you know and you are thinking about what is going on.

Learning and knowing about the technology by keeping updated of what is going on will boost your confidence whenever a new thing comes out. This is obviously because you know about it as your knowledge is already UPDATED!

How will knowing about technology help you?

Knowing about technology will help you in terms of being creative and innovative. The more you learn about technology and what’s going on about it in the world, the more you will feel that you are a successful person. We as you all know are transforming in the digital life and knowing these things are very crucial. Knowing about technology will give the feel of being very smart person because you will be updated on the trends. This is needed whenever you are at work to discover a new thing and be innovative, or whether in your social life to talk about the somethings with your friends and family.

How to stay updated with the latest technology trends?

There are many things that you can do to stay updated with the latest technology trends and how to always catchup. You need to first ask these questions, which technology you care about the most and why? As you can probably assume that I am going to talk about internet resources. Yet, I am going to tell you which ones to use and how to do so.

  1. Website/Blog Subscriptions
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Social Media
  4. Quora
  5. Organizations

Let’s go about each and individual point in details.

1- Website/Blog Subscriptions

When it comes to website or blog subscriptions, you can easily find on the ones you really like and care about the most. This can be if you want to know about technology in general you can check verge and other technology websites. Let’s say you don’t like PC news, Apple, Android, and other things similar to these, you can normally search in Google the technology you care about such an equipment you deal with at your work. You can type an equipment and go for the sites that publish blogs consistently to get the most out of it in your email.

You don’t need to read every single blog post to become updated in that particular technology, you can pretty much read the header and have the feel of knowing what is this going to be about. At least you will see something about it. I usually skim and scan for something that is not that interesting or important to me that comes to email. Therefore, be sure to subscribe to your best blogs to receive email consistently.

2- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is pretty much self explanatory, you can easily connect with people who are expert in technology, join groups who share and talk about things related to technology as this will keep you engaged. Surely, you will have to search for the ones you prefer such as best equipment, technology you care about and etc. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it is a professional networking media where people and the community will share things based on the current trend. I really love LinkedIn a lot. If you are you are interested, here is my LinkedIn account

3- Social Media

Social media is somehow different than LinkedIn because in Twitter, people post short text, in Instagram you see images and stores, in YouTube you find videos and etc. I love two different social media platforms when it comes to reading and staying updated on the latest things, those are Twitter and Reddit.

In Twitter, you can follow companies, bloggers, professionals, and more. These people always tend to upload things related to the latest trends. As you know social media is there to share trending stuff. I for example am a chemical engineer and followed a magazine on Twitter who frequently post things on their magazine (website) and tweet them out. I have them turned on notification on that specific twitter because even if I don’t really go inside and read, I just read the title and assume what it is going to be about and have a glance.

When it comes to Reddit, you can find tons and tons of subreddits that are really amazing. You can search for “Technology” and tons will come out and or for “Engineering” and many subreddits will pop up. All you have to do is to join the ones you like or the ones that have the most members and interact with people as they talk and post about the latest things in the industry you care about. I find this to be super amazing and helpful, but be careful, reddit can steal your time.

4- Quora

I love Quora and it is very easy to use. You can ask questions and answer questions that are asked by people. You can join spaces that are like groups and see somehow like articles which are made based on questions that are asked. Very easy and valuable website you could use to search for technology if you want to know. Also, if you want to know about the latest technologies in your industry, you could just ask and people will answer you. Those people usually are the ones who have the same interests as you. I think Quora is a really good source that you could to LEARN many things from especially things that are trending in the world.

5- Organizations

There are many organizations that you can join and you can benefit from people who are expert at the specific technology you are looking for. I for example am interesting in Chemical Engineering, have joined AIChE, which is a chemical engineering organization where they publish eBooks, provide forums for discussion, and post articles. This is where you will get the trending topics that you are looking for in terms of technology.

Organizations can range from many different things either devices, gadgets, equipment, and much more that are only related to technology. All you have to do is search for that specific thing you are looking for in Google and you will easily find it.

In a nutshell, don’t be limited to previous and old technologies because this will get nowhere only will make you expert and advanced in the old ones. Focus on building your knowing and staying current. Also, aim to stay updated in the overall technology industry as a broad topic because this will give you the ability to connect things based on what you are interested in.



Abdulla Alishaq

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