5 Things That Will Make You Successful

Abdulla Alishaq
4 min readJul 12, 2020


To become successful nowadays, you need to determine what is required from you and you should put in mind that it’s not going to be easy.

1- Listen A LOT

Either you are a student, an employee, or an entrepreneur, you have to listen a lot to become successful. This is because listening helps you to absorb knowledge and critically think about how others think. Listening every and each individual will help to analyze the person or people in front of you and this will help you to become successful. An example, when I started working, a year ago, I was totally lost and I knew nothing about what’s going on.

However, I kept insisting to attend meetings to listen, not to understand, this because is because when you listen with the flow, you will most likely store 20% of what your hear, which good enough to start your journey of success.

2- Write & Read

When you write, your brain cells start to work and think about the words you write. Therefore, write as much as you can, it can be anything either about the meeting you attended, your work, your life, your routine, a story you heard of, just anything! Make sure you write as much as you can to keep your brain ACTIVE!

When it comes to reading, I don’t think I need to mention that in details because you are currently reading this. You can feel how your brain moves. This will make you feel smarter and absorbing more knowledge into your brain. Reading everyday about anything will make successful more than a person who reads nothing!

Many people nowadays are just lazy to write and read, or maybe they do, but in social media. However, let’s be honest, people love visual things, so they prefer images and videos rather than text. If you write and read, you will become SUCCESSFUL!

3- Be Kind

YES, kindness is the main key to succeed in this life. People forget how kindness can open many doors and you will have good relationships with others. If you are kind, you will want to help. If you help, people will help you. This is life we all get things based on what we are doing. Therefore, kindness is a core to be successful nowadays.

Kindness will always for some reason make you feel happy, proud, and positive. However, remember that you should never expect back from people, yet your kindness will bring back things to you from out of nowhere.

Kindness is the key of success!

4- Never Ever Give Up

We always hear “don’t give up” … Really, don’t give up. This because it’s life where you face fair and unfair type of people and situations. Therefore, don’t give up, no matter what you face in life. This is because you will never become successful when you give up, which is obvious.

You, I, and all of us must fail to succeed; therefore, you should be grateful for every bad situation or experience you faced because this eventually gave or will give you a lesson.

Learning from your failures and mistakes is important because your brain will function in a way that these mistakes MUST never be done again. Yes, you might fail a thousand times, but each one of them will be a lesson. Therefore, to be a successful person, don’t ever give up!

5- Learn As Much As You Can & Build New Skills

Learning is important and we all know that, but we don’t take actions. No matter what try to move forward and be different than others by learning and building the skills you need. I personally learn things, anything whenever I feel free because I want to increase my knowledge base. I have met people who are very successful and they have told me that they learn about anything in life to fulfill themselves.

Building skills is not easy because it requires time, dedication, and focus. We can all find amazing websites that provide courses, but we don’t have the trigger to start. Therefore, it is obvious that these things will be make you successful because they are not easy to do.

I highly recommend each and everyone of you to LEARN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE to become the best version of yourself and to succeed.

Success requires time, passion, and dedication. If you have all these three starting from now, you are a successful person!



Abdulla Alishaq

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